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The Anlyz Advantage

Promoted by an Enterprise Security domain practitioner, Anlyz suite of products has been designed and developed with today’s advanced AI and Analytics capabilities. Unconstrained by legacy issues and outdated architectures, Anlyz products offer far superior value propositions over larger incumbents in the space.

anlyz advantages

Zero Day Threat Analysis

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Swift Deployment

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Real-time Monitoring

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Proactive Risk Identification

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Actionable Threat Insights

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Enterprise Scale Visibility

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Designed for
Security Analysts

anlyz advantages

Enable Compliance to Business Policies

Not sure if your business is fully secured?

why anlyz

Rising malware, phishing and cyber threats are costing businesses significant loss of data, money and brand reputation. The illustration below depicts how you can pick and choose the right Anlyz product that suits your need or go ahead and deploy the entire Anlyz platform to gain intelligent outcomes for your business.

why choose Anlyz

Identifying threats is simply not enough

Most security systems provide only a reactive approach to threat and incident management. Businesses need to be well aware of why and how attacks occur to effectively nullify them.

Anlyz products identify, detect and respond to threat proactively

The Anlyz suite of security analytics products are futuristic and crafted to address threats in real-time, continuously evolving to anticipate and bolster protection proactively.

Anlyz transforms Security Analysts into Security Gurus

Businesses today need to fast track the cycle of detection, identification and response to threats. By fusing together Deep Security Domain expertise with Advanced AI/ML capabilities, Anlyz products offer relevant, contextual guidance to security analysts, turning them into gurus in control of their environments.

Welcome to the Anlyz Suite!

Who Needs Anlyz

Anlyz For SOCs

It is crucial for every member of your SOC to be aware of trends in malware behavior to help them see attacks before they hit the perimeter. The need of the hour for growing businesses is to deliver threat intelligence in real time. Security Analytics Platforms help instant classification, malware detection, rapid reversal and accurate protection on-the-go. Anlyz Reverss delivers this and more. Learn More

Anlyz For CISOs

It takes full-preparation and visibility to arm security teams under a CISO to identify, decipher and manage elusive threats even before they strike. Intelligent dashboards that serve up qualitative and quantitative threat visuals can help CISOs empower their teams. Anlyz SOAR, combines the prowess of SOAR case management and AI-driven security analytics, enabling CISOs towards better decision making.

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Anlyz SIEM

Your workforce is constantly exchanging information. Relying on legacy security data to mitigate known risks does not help in the wake of rising cyber threats. It takes an advanced, time-tested solution to deliver contextual alerts to security personnel. Anlyz SIEM is a convergence of SIEM, UBA, AI and Data Science to deliver rapid detection and response to cyber threats.

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