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Next Generation SecOps Platform

What Do You Get

Single Platform
Anlyz Platform is comprised of tools, processes, and an umbrella architecture that provide security for an enterprise’s entire computing platform. Giving Enterprise visibility, Correlation, Investigation and Response
Scalable Architecture
Anlyz Delivers Scalable architecture based on Kubernetes and can be deployed on-prem or in the Cloud. Making use of micro services.
Automated Security Processes
Automate your security workflows without box Playbooks. With state of the art Chained Playbook architecture you need not worry of any api fails, the rest of the Playbook will run.
Multi tenant
MSSP’s need a Multi-tenant architecture that can manage multiple customers across a single platform.
Quantify SOC Performance
In built Case Management and monitoring the SLA and get the MTTR and MTTD values along with features like “Action Timeline” and “Swell Time”
Customer Discovery
Having contextual customer data is important , more important when we need to create custom workflows. The Solution allows you to collect the data.
Threat Hunting
Hunt across SIEM and Data Lakes across multiple products and Triage on a single Platform, thus bringing the power of a single visibility for the SOC.
Rich Integrations
Out of Box integrations with most Security vendors and products. From the SaaS it can connect and add IOC to your On prem Firewall, without the need for opening ports.
Risk Identification
Risk Calculation and Risk based automation use cases. Risk Score is taken as enrichment value helping the analyst take decision.



Build your autonomous SOC rapidly with our out-of-the-box integrations and quantify your SOC performance based on different parameters with the detailed case management
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Scalable and Robust, Anlyz Cyberal delivers the best performance through its innovative use of technology. Changing the approach, at Anlyz data is enriched in real-time during ingestion and automated models and correlated Rules create high-fidelity alerts for analysts to work on.
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Combining the multitude of technologies together, Anlyz platform offers the comprehensive set of next gen security solutions that can help you gain intelligent outcomes for your business.
Identifying Threats Is Simply Not Enough
Most security systems provide only a reactive approach to threat and incident management. Businesses need to be well aware of why and how attacks occur to effectively nullify them.
Anlyz Products Identify, Detect And Respond To Threat Proactively
The Anlyz suite of security analytics products are futuristic and crafted to address threats in real-time, continuously evolving to anticipate and bolster protection proactively.
Anlyz Transforms Security Analysts Into Security Gurus
Businesses today need to fast track the cycle of detection, identification and response to threats. By fusing together Deep Security Domain expertise with Advanced AI/ML capabilities, Anlyz products offer relevant, contextual guidance to security analysts, turning them into gurus in control of their environments.

Anlyz 360

Benefits of Anlyz 360

secops process streamlining
The way organizations identify and mitigate threats is streamlined
realtime enrichment & response
SIEM alerts are converted to tickets and responses are automated
The type of incidents and responses are documented for SecOps enhancement
single alert source
SOC gets complete visibiltiy in a single pane of glass

Not sure if your business is fully secured?

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