Putting Proactive Analytics
At The Heart Of Business Security

What Makes Us Anlyz

Innovation is not just a motto for us but a mandate. We say that as information security domain experts who have worked in and with leading corporations. Over time, we have learnt that lack of proactive measures for hunting threats or potential breaches is the root cause for most cyber breaches. We also learnt that most out-of-the- box security solutions, including from leading incumbent vendors, are reactive in nature and fail to provide required advanced visibility & protection against today's cyber threats.

Based on first-hand experiences and insights gained from dealing with security challenges, we have embarked on a mission to transform the cyber security space. We are pioneering a suite of products that will redefine how security operations ought to be run. Our prime goal is to make threat detection-and-defeat capabilities intuitive, faster, smarter and easier – for assured cyber security.

Our products and solutions address not just your business security concerns but enable transformation of your security operations. From reactive to proactive mode by empowering your security analysts and operations personnel with contextual and actionable insights. Overall, we enhance your cyber defense competency and security operations productivity, significantly.

Human Cognition At Machine Scale

Our innovative products based on a scalable platform (advanced AI capabilities and security domain libraries) offer superior security solutions of unmatched scale, performance and value.

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Save Time

Anlyz products help you achieve a better business security posture, faster.

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Delve Deeper

Don’t just find and mitigate attacks. Get to the roots of why they occurred and be prepared for future attacks.

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Go Resource Agnostic

Our products aim at making businesses less dependent on tech resources so your business always has a reliable platform with a 360-degree view of security.

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