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Key Benefits Of A SOAR Solution For MSSPS

An increasing number of organizations have partnered with Managed Security Service Providers due to the large range of threats facing organizations (MSSP). MSSPs support organizations efficiently by not only identifying external risks but also aiding them in the response to incidents. They also, however, battle a major problem: falling victim to the same shortcoming and bigger risks. They must ensure that consumers are met with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

So how can a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform help MSSPs overcome these challenges? This blog covers some of the current barriers facing MSSPs and the capabilities offered by SOAR platforms to support them.

1. Challenge: Lack of Visibility

SOAR: Unified Visibility

For both MSSPs and their clients, total and cohesive visibility is important. With SOAR, MSSPs are supported by multi-tenancy with shared visibility to all customers, allowing security teams to easily handle multiple customers and minimize response time. SOAR software also provides numerous dashboards and reports that allow MSSPs to gain full visibility and generate metrics across all client environments.

This helps MSSPs manage SLAs and keep track of team success in order to better fulfill client commitments. SOAR technology may also serve as a portal for customer access, enabling customers to display the status of their security operations and respond to instances posed by MSSP.

2. Challenge: Inadequate Tools and Processes for Incident Response

SOAR: Incident Response Automation

Many organizations depend on MSSPs through managed detection and response (MDR) services to handle the entire incident response lifecycle. A SOAR tool streamlines and strengthens incident management procedures, enabling MSSPs to deliver enhanced Extended Detection & Response (XDR) services on a scale beyond Controlled Detection & Response (MDR) services. SOAR security tools offer the ability for vendor-agnostic integrations and playbooks that allow MSSPs to perform actions across a range of vendor technologies.

This enables MSSPs to give their clients the trust that their entire security stack is secure and that any incident is treated regularly. SOAR platform also provides feedback to MSSP's SOC teams at each point of the lifecycle of incident management through workflows that allow consistency across the entire team.

3. Challenge: Communication Gap

SOAR: Enhanced Collaboration

The SOAR platform provides MSSPs with a unique opportunity to communicate with their customers and internal teams from a single platform that allows streamlined collaboration for the most productive solution and the best possible customer experience, unlike ad-hoc and siloed processes that rely on email, spreadsheets and ticketing systems. Within a single, protected communication channel, all communications between the MSSP and the client are carried out.

4. Challenge: Skills Gap

SOAR: Comprehensive Integrations

Each customer of MSSP may have a different technology stack, which means either getting experts or turning down business with each platform in the team. A SOAR solution, however, serves as a force multiplier for MSSPs and integrates with different technologies so that SOC teams can take action on various technologies from a single platform without needing expertise. MSSPs may take new customers with different technologies on board and dramatically reduce onboarding time without increased headcount or analyst ramp-up time.

5. Challenge: Tenant Management

SOAR: Multi-Tenancy

SOAR also offers multi-tenancy that allows MSSPs to easily onboard and manage multiple tenants and allow full customer-level data segregation while allowing access control for all customers. SOAR allows MSSPs to have a master console integrated with a customer premises appliance, enabling MSSPs to have bi-directional integration to perform response actions by ingesting data from internal security technologies of customers.

6. Challenge: Diverse Workflows

SOAR: Playbooks

Playbooks are at the center of the automation and orchestration operations. To help reduce the burden of routine activities on the security operations team of MSSP, SOAR offers playbooks and workflows. SOAR facilitates the mapping of use cases across playbooks and workflows, depending on the context and processes of the client, by maintaining flexibility and customization to retain almost any method that might need to be followed uniformly.

Playbooks support the use of both built-in and custom integrations, as well as the development of manual tasks that the security analyst or customer team of an MSSP requires to complete.

7. Challenge: Repetitive Manual Tasks

SOAR: Orchestration and Automation

Security analysts are at the core of the support that MSSP clients continue to receive every single day. The essence of manually tracking and triaging hundreds of warnings per day, however, is tedious work that can hamper even the best analysts' service delivery.

MSSP security teams can use playbooks from a SOAR platform to automate routine activities and orchestrate use cases from a single console to eliminate false positives and close multiple warnings automatically without the need for analyst involvement. This leads to improved closed-in capability, lower costs per analyst, and better SLAs, and encourages analysts to focus on events that need deeper analysis and critical thinking.


The bottom line is that SOAR enhances the overall functionality of SOCs, and it does so using fewer resources. It provides AI-oriented security resources that do not waste human activity on repeatable tasks, and its understanding of machine-learning trends enables engineers and analysts to free up their time and concentrate on more significant activities.

Anlyz offers the full SOAR solution you need to streamline workflows for incident response and boost overall security operations. It is easy to incorporate and use our solution, allowing you to leverage the capabilities of your current security infrastructure. Get in touch with us to know more.

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