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Enabling Faster And More Efficient Cyber Security Incident Response With SIEM & SOAR

While bad actors have become more organized and sophisticated by refining their craft, they are not the only attackers a security professional needs to be concerned with in 2020. There are still opportunistic, less skilled hackers that utilize commoditized exploits.

These attack strategies are made possible by leveraging resources that are highly profitable and simple to use, such as simple phishing kits or even ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) tactics. These resources help even the youngest bad actors to leverage advanced, malicious code so that they can quickly move to create and easily execute campaigns.

The threat landscape continues to grow, and security professionals need additional skills, instruments, and advanced strategies in their arsenal to fight those who want to do harm. By integrating threat intelligence into your security incident management software, this blog will outline how to better protect your organization.

Incident Response Challenges—The Struggle is Real

Although security teams have several roles and are responsible for different functions, the heavy burden of incident responders is to rapidly identify anomalies, collect data to triage the potential incident, and then move quickly to neutralize the situation.

With the barrage of alert notifications bombarding security analysts, it is essential to have a method in place to categorize the type of incident and then mitigate each threat accordingly to prevent an incident from becoming a violation.

Security analysts with advanced knowledge and experience are sought by organizations, especially for the best practices in incident response.

They need to have skills such as the ability to perform deep malware analysis, threat reverse engineering, and forensic investigation. To create playbooks, these senior security analysts can use their understanding of these complicated processes to guide their teams to appropriate responses for each threat scenario.

With the overload of low-quality alerts from data feeds and a multitude of systems, security teams are constantly struggling to manage threat detection. In order to determine which alerts indicate true threats and which are false positives, they have to sift through vast amounts of data, leaving less time for further investigations once true threats are identified.

To help analysts make more informed decisions based on clearly presented information, security analysts need context to enrich alerts. Security teams can filter out false positives, prioritize the riskiest alerts to make quick escalation decisions by leveraging siem monitoring and automation, ensuring that highly skilled analysts spend their time on more skill-specific experts.

Marrying Threat Intelligence with Automation

The Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool provides the SOAR system with great support in executing the automated incident response. Cloud SIEM, for instance, senses security events and accidents and raises warnings. The SOAR platform provides Incident Warning Management in which these warnings are absorbed and the true events are identified and isolated from the false positives. Doing so spares security professionals from the time-consuming and tedious activity of retrieving information from various systems.

Cybersecurity needs to be 24/7 in today's digital warfare. It is difficult for manpower to actively respond quickly to such security incidents. To accomplish automated incident management efforts, SOAR automates the incident response playbook. For example, SOAR will conduct the automated incident response playbook in the case of any Indicator of Compromise (IoC) to effectively deal with the incident promptly.

How SOAR Responds When a Security Incident Occurs

When detecting any security incident, the SOAR tool will perform a malware scan on the targeted device, segment the affected network from the rest, and position compromised systems in quarantine so that further analysis can be carried out by security analysts. In order to avoid the spread of a further attack, SOAR will also search network logs. All these steps are automatic and do not require interference by humans.


The SOAR solution provides an automated incident response that decreases human power intervention and saves budgets for other important business activities. The automated incident response from SOAR maintains operational continuity and restores regular business activities as soon as possible following the incidents.

From the world of over-crowded security suites, you need to wisely choose your SOAR tool. SPORACT is the next-generation security suite that provides comprehensive and automated incident management from start to end, using tool automation, security team contribution and documented standardized Incident Response processes. Incident Response is always given with an effective intervention in a timely fashion in an automated and collaborative IT environment. Get in touch with our experts for our range of futuristic business security solutions.

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