Anlyz SIEM

Cognitive SIEM powered by next-gen technologies

Anlyz SIEM is available in two distinct business models

Analytical Instance

A unique analytics module set-up easily on existing SIEM, which operates as an analytical machine ensemble to produce data to identify known and unknown threats proactively. This version of Anlyz SIEM acts as a compressed analytical layer to gain insights from existing SIEM without an overhaul of existing information security arena.

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Intelligent SIEM

Anlyz SIEM is also available as a complete, sophisticated threat intelligence SIEM with integrated UEBA/UBA capabilities providing advance visibility, detection and investigation capabilities across the board.

Key Features

Comprehensive Surveillance Grid

Real-time intelligence to help security teams scrutinize threats proactively with contextual insights to detect and identify inside or outside threat attackers.

Tactical and Operational intelligence

Unparalleled analytics capability without any parametric constraints and highly scalable (unlimited data lake); enables analysts to zoom into and protect against threats based on priority and policy.

Threat intelligence platform

Logs from unlimited number of sources to get the most sophisticated threat landscape analysis with contextual data and complete story line to defeat known and unknown threats.

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Real time cognition of global threat map

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Build logs and derive practices to avoid occurrence of a breach

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Data to strengthen detection and to continuously manage known threats and scout for unknowns

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Horizontal and vertical scalability with easy integration with existing infrastructure landscape

Core Capabilities

Incumbent systems are unable to tackle the ever-expanding fabric of business data and growing infrastructure. Cyberal is built with cognition to help security teams pinpoint definitive threats proactively and provide actionable insights to respond to breaches.

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Prioritize and sift through high-volume, high-density data

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Powerful logging, event analysis and correlation

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Effectively identify and isolate tangible and intangible events

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Adapt using contextual UBA to deliver robust security

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In-depth visibility that enables full compliance of business policies

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