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Super Administrator • 19 Nov 2020

3 Signs It’s Time To Relook Your Approach To Security Operations


Security operations centers monitor and analyze activities on networks, servers, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous activity that could be indicative of a security incident or compromise.

Alert fatigue is a growing concern among information security professionals. If statistics are to be believed, over 79% agree about its negative effects on their teams.

What they need are better strategies and a more robust approach to deal with security concerns and effectively mitigate risk.

In order to do so, it is important to recognize the tell-tale signs and address them. Take a look at the Top 3 signs that you may be ignoring.

#1 Lack of integration between security operations tools

According to findings by ESG, 55% of organizations use over 25 security tools that end-up creating silos of data due to lack of integration between them.

These would include firewalls, sandboxes, threat intelligence services, malware, endpoint security and many others that enterprises use on a daily basis.

This disrupts the visibility Security Operation Centers (SOCs) require to foresee critical attacks. Given the growing number of tools, there's an added layer of complexity to the security environment.

#2 Semi-automated security operations center

Given the complexities, it is difficult for enterprises to keep pace with modern security threats. Manual or semi-automated security processes impede the speed and remedial actions are taken far too late.

A manually executed response can never fully address the problem. What they need is cyber security software to carry out investigations and put remedial measures into action. People-dependent operations will always be inadequate unless supported by good software and solid security measures.

#3 Inadequate skills to handle security operations

As per ESG, cybersecurity skills are lacking in about 53% of organizations. This indirectly creates a breeding ground for cyber threats.

The shortage of skills or lack thereof has been a growing concern for them since it hampers the effectiveness of SOC. Cybersecurity skills are an absolute must for those who wish to identify threats on time and prevent them from turning into successful attacks.

The way forward

It's time enterprises stopped falling prey to persistent threats and decide to mature their security operations. There's no point having a security operations center well equipped with analysts if it lacks threat hunting capabilities.

Enterprises need to revisit their strategies and ensure that they conduct thorough investigation via tools and techniques, discover new patterns, and alert analytics for remedy and future course of action.

Security teams should be able to identify indicators of compromise or IoCs to orchestrate investigation as well as response.

Security teams should be able to manage a deluge of data across siloed networks and invest in real-time threat intelligence to foster their proactive security capabilities.

There are several cognitive intelligence tools available to help build SOC capabilities and orchestrate security responses effectively.

The Bottomline

Manual security processes will never be enough unless fortified with cyber security software and a diligent approach to bring about SOC maturity.

Until then, there will always be the risk of data breaches and brand damage, both costly and irrevocable. In a day and age of sophisticated threat actors, it's time we proactively gear up for defense.

If you think you are ready to relook at your security operations, talk to us. We can help you up your security game and protect your most critical assets.

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