Proactive Security Orchestration and Case Management

Anlyz SOAR’s analytical capabilities enable security operations teams to track, analyze and terminate threats. Data insights equip the team to comprehend the current landscape of cyber security arena by threat categories. Contextual insights arm them with diverse combat methods. Overall, Anlyz SOAR enables CISOs and leadership teams to develop better strategy around people, process and technology for comprehensive security incident response management.

Accelerate Resolution

Endows the analyst with data and learnings around indicators of compromised assets which define and accelerate most effective steps towards resolution.

Playbooks guide the analyst to quickly adopt the optimal path to identify, detect and respond to threat incidents.

Data illustration with vast and varied analysis on real time data aids operations and leadership teams to acquire required knowledge and make decisions around process, people and technology.

Effective SOC Operations

Dashboards of qualitative and quantitative case response, first time response, median time for resolution, desired durations and many other real-time data illustrations with flexibility meeting custom requirements.

Anlyz SOAR aids SOC managers to measure productivity and deploy the right individuals to handle the right tasks, thus increasing overall effectiveness of the organization.

Integrate Across Enterprise

Integrates with various security tools providing comprehensive and holistic insights into the whole cybersecurity landscape impacting the business.

Anlyz SOAR provides alerts to analysts based on risk categories and provides a bird’s eye view of the entire infrastructure.

Cases by “cyber kill chain” enable better collaboration between SOC operations and IT to work towards proactive identification and protection. Thus, enhancing the organization’s overall effectiveness in addressing cyber threats.
Playbook chaining
Performs Enrichment and Response actions as a singular task. Based on the verdict of one playbook, another playbook is chained to provide another action or response.
Role based visualization
The Dashboards and access are mapped with user roles, this helps in providing relevant information to the user based on Role and Policy.
Case management
Built-in Case Management tool to ensure proper chain of command and auditing
Use same instance to manage multiple clients without violating compliance
Curated Threat intel
Auto Enrich IOCs with verified database aggregated for years
Custom Integration
Integrate with any homegrown business critical tools with API
Reporting and Metrics
Advanced Analytics to enhance attack surface & attack metrics visibility. Analytics help IT Teams to improve security posture of organizations.

Playbook Chaining

Anlyz Soar Benefits

Intuitive and Customizable Dashboard
Unified Views of Business Data
Role Based Access
Easy Deployment Models
Informed Decision Making
Team Productivity Management
Achieve Higher SLA Compliance
Available on-cloud and on-premise

Anlyz Soar for Business

Enterprise Edition
MSSP Edition
Anlyz SOAR is a unified business solution for SOC operations and management. A perfect (SaaS) security analytics product for CISOs to direct the team based on threat visibility, for better agility and increased productivity.
SOC services delivered as a structured Managed Security Service while accounting for custom needs of clients. Enables clients to be in control of identified risks. Value added capabilities include in-depth analytical capabilities and insightful dashboards.
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