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SOAR Tools: What To Look For When Investing In Security Automation Tech

Organizations may use security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) to streamline security operations in three main areas: threat and vulnerability detection, incident response, and security-operations automation.

Teams may use automation to increase efficiencies and maintain control of IT security functions from a single platform. SOAR solutions also allow for process execution, performance gap analysis, and machine learning to aid analysts in intelligently accelerating operations.

3 Core Competencies of SOAR

These are the most important technological features of SOAR:

  • Vulnerability remediation, as well as formalized workflows, monitoring, and collaboration, are all supported by threat and vulnerability management.
  • How an organization prepares, monitors, and coordinates incident responses is supported by security incident response.
  • Workflows, processes, policy execution, and reporting can all be orchestrated with security operations automation.

Essential Elements In A SOAR Platform

The biggest benefits to the company would come from a solution that is personalized to the team. When it comes to the features listed above, security teams usually consider a few main benefits to be must-haves when putting together a SOAR solution.

Use SOAR software to redistribute brainpower. Real-time triggers are built into workflows to kick-start automation. Triggers are devices that listen for specific behaviors and then start workflows when the appropriate input passes through them. The security team would have to manually manage these workflows if they did not use a SOAR platform to orchestrate them. SOAR technology integrates across security tools via APIs, with workflows across these tools detecting and responding to incidents and threats.

By automating a series of steps that make up a playbook, you can complete security tasks in seconds rather than hours. These automated processes can be monitored by teams using a user-friendly dashboard or their favorite chat tools. Although orchestration allows for cross-tool integrations and synchronization, playbooks automate the execution of interdependent acts in a specific order—all without the need for human intervention.

A comprehensive SOAR solution, once implemented, can help streamline and simplify the process. Teams can configure workflows as much or as little as they like with InsightConnect. Connect teams and tools for clear communication, implement no-code connect-and-go workflows, and automate your business without sacrificing control.

Rapid Solutions

SOAR systems are designed to cut response times in half. A good solution should be simple to set up and use, as well as dependable, non-intrusive, and safe. It should be tailored to be as effective as possible so that time is not wasted. This also entails allowing teams to access and monitor mobile devices so that they can run playbooks, review security objects, and triage incidents while on the go. How else can SOAR solve your need for speed?

  • Scalability: The automation engine can develop in tandem with your company and the amount of incidents it faces. Consider how you can improve efficiency by designing your solution to allow for both vertical (CPU and RAM) and horizontal (server instance) scaling.
  • Dual action: Security teams receive an average of 12,000 warnings every day, requiring dual intervention. So that your team can concentrate on research and response, your SOAR solution should be able to easily gather relevant context regarding security incidents. False positives and risks are dealt with more quickly, and experts will focus on tasks that need action. With a quality platform, teams can exercise as much human judgment as they deem necessary and automate menial tasks.
  • Extensibility: Making your SOAR transparent and extensible will help you get better results. It should be simple to add new security scenarios, and it should be able to integrate with third-party tools such as SIEM, IPS, and IDS solutions.
  • Broad ecosystem: With InsightConnect, you can orchestrate every part of your technology stack. You will save time putting it together: Pre-built workflows fit seamlessly through a broad stack, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Additionally, build threat-specific workflows so that everyone is updated quicker, sees the same sensitive data, and can respond quickly through different technologies.

The Real Return On Investment

Pricing models will often differ depending on the customized solution. Costs could be determined by the number of users, the number of processes you choose to automate, or the complexity of the environment, for example. Start your quest for value by looking for:

  • SOAR products with no hidden costs- Your vendor should include a detailed breakdown of costs associated with product configuration, implementation, and maintenance.
  • SOAR tools with flexible options that work best with your budget- Make an accurate assessment of which features you need and which you can do without.

Consider how features like chat tool integrations and workflow-notes documentation can help the team collaborate more effectively. Playbooks and knowledge sharing become more convenient, and resolutions come more quickly.

A SOAR workflow can eventually become a community-based solution, with the ability to boost your company's bottom line and demonstrate the value of increased security investments.


The hardest bit is weighing the top SOAR platforms available. It is worth looking over Gartner's approach to SOAR and making a list of criteria that you know must be met in order to function efficiently within your current and future infrastructure, as well as those that are nice to have but are not as critical.

SPORACT by Anlyz gathers information for organizations from various sources, helps them understand the data, and optimizes security processes, while providing an automated response. The analytical capabilities of SPORACT allow security operations teams to track, evaluate and terminate threats. Data insights allow the team to understand the current cybersecurity environment through threat categories.

Get in touch with us to learn more about SPORACT.

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